Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Coming to a Screen Near You: Amigas with Benefits, Entropy, and Bruising for Besos!

Nearly a year has passed since the last update! Yikes!

A couple of projects that I've worked on over the past year or so are making their way to a screen near you.

First up is "Amigas with Benefits," a short film I shot for writer/director Adelina Anthony.

"Amigas with Benefits" is a dramedy about two elderly women who have their wedding ruined by a family member. It premieres this July (next month) at Outfest 2017.

Next is Entropy, a sci-fi feature written and directed by Gabriel Anderson. I had the privilege of being the gaffer (a.k.a. chief lighting technician) on this daring film.

From the website:
A brilliant, but hermetic and hard-living woman discovers an anomalous cosmic force that projects the end of the universe to be a mere two weeks away. The terminal diagnosis for all existence compels her to confront her own fear and isolation, and leads her to pursue another woman who may offer the promise of salvation.
Entropy made its premiere at this year's IFS Film Festival, winning the award for "Best Science-Fiction Film." Visit the movie's website for information about future screenings.

And last, but definitely not least, Bruising for Besos is a feature film (also written and directed by Adelina Anthony) I gaffed a few years ago.

It has already had a successful run in festivals all over the world over the last year. It is still being showcased in community screenings across the country (definitely try to catch one near you!) and will be released online later this year.

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