Wednesday, October 31, 2012

ngc1, ngc2

2012 has proven itself to be a productive year for me in regards to work (which i love!). just wrapped production as the gaffer on a wonderful short, soon-to-be feature, "forgiving heart," directed by the marvelous adelina anthony and produced by her and partner marisa becerra's company, aderisa productions.

from their website:
Set in the 1980's, two teenagers, Yoli and Laurie, discover the limits of their friendship when hate and racism are bred at home. These girls pay a high price for mutual understanding and forgiveness.
look for this wonderful piece soon at a film festival near you!

festival darling, the awesome webseries "nice girls crew" is getting a second season!!! we're currently in pre-production, with principal photography set for november (soon!).

unfortunately, i wasn't able to see the wonderful job we did with season 1 when it premiered and played at film festivals over the summer. and since i don't have comcast at home, i wasn't able to watch it while it was on demand last month. but, lucky me, ngc1 is now live on youtube via caamchannel. if you haven't seen it yet, take a gander - you're in for a treat!

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