Friday, June 29, 2012

mark your calendars - july 10!

it's finally here! dumbass filmmakers is finally making its long awaited debut!

from the website:
Harrison DeWinter (Hunter Lee Hughes) just knows his movie will inspire others to save the environment, protest injustice and embrace bisexuality. But when it comes to actually making the movie, Harrison can’t depend on his quixotic imagination alone. He turns to Vicki Moretti (Elizabeth Gordon), an organized but lonely young woman who only wants to produce the movie to fill a void in her love life. But Vicki soon learns she's not the only one vying for Harrison's attention...and love.

keep an eye out - it arrives july 10 to a computer monitor or mobile device near you!

also, i just discovered that a short film i worked on a while ago has reinvented itself as a web series as well. check out episodes of "ordinary girl," by tammy duffy and fran nichols, while you wait for "dumbass filmmakers" to premiere! ;-)

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