Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"don't go" pilot premieres at outfest

so, "don't go" is nearing completion, and i just got word that it will be premiering at outfest in los angeles this july. the new website is up and running (click on the banner to the right), and everyone's hopes and energy for the project are as high as ever. it's a very exciting time in all of our lives right now!

other than that, things are going. wrapped production on a short a couple of weekends ago, entitled "brotherlee." the schedule was EXTREMELY hectic (we shot a 15 page script in 2.5 days) - the great people on this project was really the saving grace on set. if the people you're working with are nasty ON TOP OF not-so-ideal working conditions, then you are guaranteed to have a miserable time. but EVERYONE on "brotherlee" was fantastic - it really was a pleasure to be able to work and spend time with all of them, even on that 23-hour day where we had to drag a generator up a dirt path on a steep hill. :-P

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